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The No Call No Show - Episode 20: Part I “Oktoberfest”

In part one of this beer-nerd-a-licious episode Daniel and Michael sit down with Bernie Van Order, the Washington, DC Sales Representative for Great Lakes Brewery and talk the history of the Oktoberfest festival, German beer in general, what beer goes well with Galaga and the art of Homebrewing. Don't forget to check out the Great Lakes Tap Takeover at Nanny O'Brien's Pub in Cleveland Park Thursday September 1st if you wanna get a taste of what Great Lakes offers! See you next week for the conclusion.

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The No Call No Show - Episode 19 “Dogtoberfest”

In recognition of DC Beer Week Michael and Daniel sit down with Flying Dog Brewery Sales Specialist Tom Hunter to talk the craft brew business and enjoy a couple bottles of their seasonal, Märzen style beer, the DOGtoberfest as well as Tom's experience at the Siebel Institute for Brewing Technology a.k.a. School for Beer! And as promised here are the new labels designed by the great Ralph Steadman as discussed on the show for the soon to drop Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale and Secret Stash Harvest Ale. Thanks again Tom for coming on!

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The No Call No Show - Episode 18 “Yuengling”

Prompted by a recent Freaconomics Radio Podcast Michael and Daniel are back for their first beer entitled episode in months as they sip on east coast fave Yuengling with special guest, DC Blogger and all around good guy Dan Silverman a.k.a. The Prince of Petworth. Despite some early mic issues we manage to ponder the damage done by green bottles, DC's newest comedy club Riot Act (which was previously discussed way back in Ep 4: Part II), DC's neighborhood boundaries and a whole lot more District oriented ephemera.  Cheers!

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The No Call No Show - Episode 17: Part II “Old Fashioned”

Our interview with DC Cocktail Guru Derek Brown concludes in this last episode of Cocktail Month. Herein we get into some business talk, as Derek recalls opening The Passenger and the fallacy of the Restaurant-Failure Myth as well as what this month is all about, Cocktails! From Whale Puke to Rotoevaporators, how ice came to the states (you can thank the Ice King of Boston) and Todd Thrasher (who really is a good guy and not at all old, we promise)! Thanks again to Derek and don't forget to check out his handiwork at the new Rogue 24 and sign up for the newsletter! Cheers!

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The No Call No Show - Episode 17: Part I “Old Fashioned”

In this Cocktail Month extended episode Daniel and Michael sit down with The Passenger and Columbia Room owner, the Atlantic Life Style writer and one of the last barman poets Derek Brown over a couple classic Old Fashioned cocktails made with Bulleit's new Rye whiskey and talk the rise of cocktail culture, including last week's topic the Rickey. Also make sure to check out Derek's collaboration with Chef RJ Cooper's new concept room Rogue 24 it sounds awesome. Make sure to stop by next week to check out the conclusion of this awesome interview, otherwise Don Draper will be pissed. Chin-Chin!

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