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The No Call No Show - Episode 16 “The Rickey”

What is discussed by Michael and Daniel in this episode: DC's Official Cocktail The Rickey made two ways one with Hendrick's Gin and the other withJim Beam Rye (as well as one failed attempt we don't want to talk about); Cocktail Bars like Philly's The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. and DC's The Gibson and The Passenger; Marion Barry; Halo; and Binge Drinking. Oh and Daniel, Phil Knight is from Oregon...weirdo.

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The No Call No Show - Episode 15 “Dark ‘n’ Stormy”

The Month of Cocktails is still in full swing as Daniel and Michael enjoy a couple of Dark 'n' Stormies (mixed with Gosling's Dark Rum) and discuss a little of the history of rum consumption in the United States. Then on to the now ended government shutdown in Minnesota and its relationship with bars and the MillersCoors company in particular, as well as the downturn that could occur to bars nationwide if the NFL lockout isn't resolved. If you guys dig it please leave us some iTunes love, and if you do you can hang with us at Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club. Salud!

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The No Call No Show - Episode 14: Part II “Twenty 2 Vodka”

The Month of Cocktails continues here at NCNS with part two of our interview with Lisa Jewell, distiller of Twenty 2 Vodka. In this part, Lisa breaks down Twenty 2's answer to all those flavored vodkas that have flooded the market with High Proof Spirit a.k.a. make your own! Michael and Daniel get to sample some of the best infusions the company's made and marvel at what you can do with it, a savory Chicken Sandwich cocktail anyone? And its ok, all is forgiven Toki Underground your pork belly cocktail is just that good. Chin-Chin!

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The No Call No Show - Episode 14: Part I “Twenty 2 Vodka”

It's the Month of Cocktails here at the No Call No Show and we're kicking it off by interviewing Lisa Jewell, one of the distillers from the All-American made (via Maine) Twenty 2 Vodka. In this first part, we start out by demystifying the Martini as Lisa schools us on the art of making that most Russian of all the spirits, as well as the absurdity of calling a Vodka and Cranberry a Cape Cod. Za Vashe Zdorovye'! P.S. this stuff is weird

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